Meet our Founders

Renay Boyes

Managing Director/CEO/Founder

Renay has always been an animal lover. She has spent many years as an advocate for wild animals, including fundraising for Greenpeace, and protesting against inhumane treatment of animals in both the entertainment and legal animal racing industries. She has experience includes a wildlife rescuer, with a horse rescue, and with a Colorado Mill Dog rescue. She has a long history of serving as a board member for many of the different organizations she has volunteered with. 

Renay’s heart for teaching children has created a passion for bringing animal education and advocacy into the classroom. When children have the opportunity to learn more about wild and domestic animals in a dynamic way, it fosters understanding, empathy, and respect for all creatures that we share the earth with. Having hands-on experiences and opportunities to be part of impactful projects, helps people begin to view animals as fellow beings that deserve the same respect and care we give each other. 

When Renay had the opportunity to see Hannah Shaw “The Kitten Lady” speak at a conference, she not only found a kindred spirit but a new aspired vocation. Tiny Toe Beans was born from the passion she gained and the need she learned about that day. She has been the driving force in founding this organization from its roots. Renay continues on her path by helping to advocate, educate, fundraise, save animals, and experience the joy of helping others in need.

Stacey Miller

Board Treasurer

​Stacey with her love and passion for animals was eager to accept a position on Tiny Toe Beans, Inc. board. Her active involvement on non-profit boards and in education sectors makes her a valuable asset to this seedling of a non-profit. Stacey has devotedly served those around her and is excited to help make a difference in the lives of animals and those who love them.  

Helping grow Non-profits is truly a passion for her. She will be using her vast experience with non-profit finance, volunteer management, and training, as well as strategic planning, to help Tiny Toe Beans, Inc. thrive.

Sondra Boyes

Co-Founder/Baby tender