Welcome to Tiny Toe Beans Kitten Rescue

We are a kitten rescue in the San Antonio metro area.

At Tiny Toe Beans, our dedication lies in saving the lives of the tiniest toe beans. During every kitten season, hundreds of motherless kittens, face the threat of death while struggling on the streets and within animal shelters. Even no-kill shelters aren’t always safe. The absence of a mother’s care places these kittens in dire circumstances, making their survival nearly impossible without specialized attention.

Tiny Toe Beans aims to put an end to the plight of neonatal kittens. We are dedicated to giving each and every kitten a shot at a full, joyful life. Our efforts encompass constructing a safer world for these tiny felines through actions such as rescuing them in our dedicated kitten nursery and breaking the cycle of reproduction through sterilization. By accomplishing these objectives, we are not only ensuring the well-being of these kittens but also elevating the living conditions for all felines in our shared world.

You can make a significant impact on our mission by making a lifesaving donation today or by considering adoption. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and our Federal EIN is 84-2344372. Your support directly contributes to the betterment of the lives of these kittens and helps us create a brighter future for them. Join us in making a difference today.